Top 10 Form Validation Components & Directives For Angular

This is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free Form Validation components, directives,  modules and other related libraries for Angular to validate form fields on the client side or server side.

10. ngx-validators

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Material Design date/time pickers built with Angular Material and Moment.js.

9. bootstrap-angular-validation

Bootstrap Form Validation For Angular

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A component that provides the Bootstrap form validation functionalities for your Angular 2 applications.

8. ng-bootstrap-form-validation

Data Driven Form Validator For Angular

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An Angular module that makes Bootstrap form validation easy.

7. ng2-validation-manager

Validation Manager Library For Angular 2

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ng2-validation-manager is validation library for Angular 2 based on Laravel Validation method.

6. ng-conditionally-validate

Angular 4 Conditionally Validate Component

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An angular 4 library that aims to improve the functionality of your forms without adding any of the complexity.

5. ngFormValidator


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ngFormValidator is an easy to use, highly customizable front-end validation framework. It can be used to show realtime validation status in form controls. It uses bootstrap styles to provide visual indication of validity of each control addition to a customizable error message. Further it supports overriding the styles with custom implementations.

4. Angular Material Design Form Validator

Angular Material Design Form Validator

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A collection of directives that simplify the form validation with the Angular Material Design.

3. Angular-Validator

Angular Validator

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Angular-Validator is an easy to use, powerful and lightweight AngularJS validation directive.

2. angular-validation


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Form validation after user stop typing (debounce default of 1sec). Angular-Validation is an angular directive/service with locales (languages) with a very simple approach of defining your validation="" directly within your element to validate (input, textarea, etc) and…that’s it!!! The directive/service will take care of the rest!

1. ngx-errors


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A declarative validation errors module for reactive forms.