5 Best Autocomplete Libraries For Angular Applications

Autocomplete is an important UI component for form input that provides a quick way to find and select desired options from a suggestion list.

In this post, you will find the 5 best components & directives that make it simple to implement the Autocomplete functionality on your next Angular powered web application. Have fun.

1. Lightweight Multi-Select & Autocomplete Library – ng-select

Lightweight Multi-Select & Autocomplete Library - ng-select

Demo Download

An Angular library to enhance the native select element with support for multi-select, autocomplete and custom styles.

2. Autocomplete Component For Angular – ng-completer

Autocomplete Component For Angular 2

Demo Download

ng-completer simple yet highly customizable Autocomplete component for the latest Angular library.

3. Angular Material Search-Select Control

Angular Material Search-Select Control

Demo Download

This library implements a “search select” or “select with search” control, to match (and building on) Angular Material.

4. Autocomplete Component For Angular 2+ – NgAutoComplete


Demo Download

A simple, small autocomplete component for Angular 2+ applications.

5. Angular+ @Mentions Component For Text Field

Angular+ @Mentions Component For Text Field

Demo Download

A simple Angular @mentions component that supports auto-complete for mentions in text input fields, text areas, and content editable fields.

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