7 Best Loading/Progress Indicator Libraries For Angular

A loading/progress indicator provides an easy way to show the current loading status while data in a specific area or the whole document is loading.

This is a curated list of 7 best components and JavaScript libraries for Angular.js applications to create awesome loading & progress indicators during HTTP requests, routing change, or all you want. Enjoy.

1. Native Angular Datetime Picker With Bootstrap 4

Automatic AngularJS Loading Progress Bar For Your Apps

Demo Download

Add a loading bar / progress bar whenever an XHR request goes out in angular. Multiple requests within the same time period get bundled together such that each response increments the progress bar by the appropriate amount.

2. Angular Directive For Busy/Loading Indicators – angular-busy


Demo Download

angular-busy is an AngularJS directive used to show busy/loading indicators on any $http or $resource request, or on any promise.

3. Nanoscopic Progress Bar For Angular

A Nanoscopic Progress Bar For Angular

Demo Download

A nanoscopic progress bar. Featuring realistic trickle animations to convince your users that something is happening!

4. Angular SVG Round Progressbar

Angular SVG Round Progressbar

Demo Download

AngularJS module that uses SVG to create a circular progressbar.

5. Automatic Page Loading Progress Bar For Angular


Demo Download

A fully automatic loading bar with zero configuration for Angular 2+ app (http, http-client and router).

6. ng-http-loader

Demo Download

Smart angular HTTP interceptor – Intercepts automagically HTTP requests and shows a spinkit spinner / loader / progress bar.

7. ngx-spinner

Animated Loading Spinner For Angular 5+

Demo Download

A library with more than 50 different loading spinners for Angular 4/5/6/7/8/9.

More Resources:

You might not need an Angular component or UI library to create loading & progress indicates on your app. Here are a few resources which you can achieve it via Vanilla JavaScript or Pure CSS:

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