7 Best Data Table/Grid Libraries To Manipulate Tabular Data In Angular App

This is a hand-picked collection of 7 best free Data Table (Grid) components, directives,  and other related libraries for Angular.js to manipulate and manage tabular data on your modern web/mobile app.

1. ngx-datatable

angular-data-table Sorting

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angular-data-table is an AngularJS directive for presenting large and complex data. It has all the features you would expect from any other table but in a light package with no external dependencies.

2. md-data-table


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Create Material Design data tables based on Angular Material.

3. Angular Smart Data Table Component

Angular 2 Smart Table Component

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Smart data table library with sorting, filtering, pagination & add/edit/delete functions. Supports the latest Angular.js framework.

4. ngx-easy-table


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A simple yet full-featured Angular Table library for the app.

5. Object-table


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A smart dynamic table library that display JSON data in a sortable, filterable, resizable data table.

6. Angular Wrapper For Handsontable Data Grid Component

Angular 2 Directive For Handsontable

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This is an official Angular wrapper for the famous Handsontable library to help developers to create Excel-like data table (grid) on the modern web app.

7. Angular Wrapper For Handsontable Data Grid Component

Feature Rich Angular Data Table - ornamentum-min

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Lightweight, feature rich, highly configurable, UI framework agnostic, full responsive Angular data table with minimal dependencies.

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