5 Best JSON Schema Form Builder Libraries For Angular

If you’re developing complex forms to collect feedbacks, registrations, reservations, and surveys on your Angular application, you might need a powerful Form Builder library to simplify the task of dynamic creation of web forms and online surveys.

Here is a list of 5 best (top-rated) form builders (form creators, form generators) for Angular that helps developers generate complex, dynamic web forms from any data (JS & JSON data) you provide. Have fun with it.

1. angular-schema-form

Angular Schema Form

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The #1 form builder for Angular. Schema Form is a form builder library for Angular to generate complex web forms from JSON Schema.

2. angular-formio


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Build JSON and JavaScript powered forms in Angular app. This works by providing a JSON schema to a <formio> Angular component, where that form is dynamically rendered within the front end application. This allows forms to be dynamically built using JSON schemas.

3. NG Dynamic Forms

NG Dynamic Forms

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NG Dynamic Forms is a rapid form development library based on the official Angular dynamic forms guide.

It fully automates form UI creation by introducing a set of maintainable form control models and dynamic form control components.

4. ngx-schema-form

Form Generation Based On JSON - ngx-schema-form

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Ngx Schema Form is an Angular 2+ module allowing you to instantiate an HTML form from a JSON schema.

5. AJSF (Angular JSON Schema Form)

AJSF (Angular JSON Schema Form)

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Yet another Angular JSON Schema Form Builder for modern app design.

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To find more JavaScript libraries and Angular modules for building web forms from JSON schema, here are a few more resources available online:

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