5 Best Carousel Slider Libraries For Angular Applications

Carousel is a type of slider that can be used to cycle through your content (e.g. images, products, featured content) with a transition effect just like the slideshow.

Here is a hand-picked list of 5 best carousel libraries that help developers quickly and easily create a responsive, touch-enabled carousel slider on the Angular app. Enjoy.

1. swipe


Demo Download

A multifunctional, cross-platform, mobile-friendly carousel libraries that work with Vanilla JavaScript, Angular.js and React.js frameworks.

2. Beautiful Gallery With Angular And Ionic – ngx-gallery


Demo Download

ngx-gallery is an Angular component that simplifies the process of creating a beautiful image gallery, image carousel, image lightbox for the web and mobile devices.

3. Responsive Angular Carousel Library – ngx-drag-scroll


Demo Download

A simple, lightweight, responsive drag to scroll carousel for Angular 2+.

4. ngu-carousel


Demo Download

A universal, CSS-free carousel library for Angular apps.

5. material2-carousel

Carousel Component For Angular Material 2+

Demo Download

A carousel component for Angular using Material Design.

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