10 Best Multiple Select Modules For Angular

The Multiple Select module enables your users to select multiple items/options in an efficient way. Here is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free Multiple Select components, directives,  and other related libraries for Angular apps.

10. Multi Select Component For Angular

Multi Select Component For Angular

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A dual-list multi select component For AngularJS and Bootstrap. It makes it easy to quickly create a pair of searchable fields for selecting multiple options from a large set of values.

9. Drag’n’drop Dual Listbox Control For Angular 2

Drag'n'drop Dual Listbox Control For Angular 2

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The dual-listbox supplies two lists side-by-side that allows items in one list to be moved to the other list via drag-and-drop and/or a button-based interface. It supports multiple select options from the list and programatic setting of list sources.

8. Angular 4 Tree Select Component

Angular 4 Tree Select Component

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An Angular.js multiple select component with nested tree items.

7. angular-multiselect

Multiselect Component with AngularJS and Bootstrap

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AngularJS multiselect component based off ngOptions, Bootstrap and UI Bootstrap.

6. angularMultipleSelect

Angularjs Directive For Multiple Select Autocomplete

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A complete Angularjs directive for multiple select autocomplete.

5. Angular 2 Dropdown Multiselect

Angular 2 Dropdown Multiselect

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Customizable dropdown multiselect in Angular 2, TypeScript with bootstrap css.

4. Angular2 Multiple Select Directive

Angular2 Multiple Select Directive

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An Angular 2 multiselect component for your modern web application.

3. Angular Dual Multiselect Directive

Angular Dual Multiselect Directive

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The Angular Dual Multiselect Directive makes it easy to quickly create a pair of searchable fields for selecting multiple options from a large set of values.

2. angularjs-dropdown-multiselect

AngularJS Dropdown Multiselect Basic Demo

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Material Design date/time pickers built with Angular Material and Moment.js.

1. angular-bootstrap-multiselect

Bootstrap Multiple Select For AngularJS

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Angular Bootstrap multi select which supports big datasets and works with form validation.