5 Best WYSIWYG Editors For Angular App To Improve Writing/Editing Experience

When you are building content-driven web applications like a user-generated content app, you might need a WYSIWYG editor to enhance the writing experience on the article, post, comment editing pages.

In this blog post, you will find the 5 best Angular libraries that make it easier to integrate a popular WYSIWYG editor into your Angular.js powered web applications. Have fun with it.

1. Angular Components For Quill Editor – ngx-quill


Demo Download

ngx-quill is the new angular (>2) implementation of rich text editor Quill.

2. angular-froala-wysiwyg


Demo Download

The latest Angular bindings for Froala WYSIWYG Editor.

3. Native WYSIWYG Editor For Angular

Native WYSIWYG Editor For Angular 6+-min

Demo Download

A simple yet highly customizable native WYSIWYG editor for your next Angular applications.

4. Simple WYSIWYG Editor For Angular Apps- ngx-editor

WYSIWYG Editor for Angular 6 - ngx-editor

Demo Download

A simple native WYSIWYG Editor for Angular Apps. Based on the Ngx-Bootstrap and Font Awesome iconic font.

5. Angular Markdown Editor Based On Ace Code Editor

Angular 4+ Markdown Editor

Demo Download

This is an Angular markdown editor based on Ace editor.

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