Top 10 Date Picker Components & Directives For Angular

The date picker allows the user to quickly select dates, times, and date ranges from a calendar. Here is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free Date Picker components, directives,  modules and other related libraries for Angular 2+ apps.

10. Date/time Pickers For Angular Material

Date time Pickers For Angular Material

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Material Design date/time pickers built with Angular Material and Moment.js.

9. Angular 2+ Wrapper For Flatpickr Date Picker Library

Angular 2+ Wrapper For Flatpickr Date Picker Library

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ng2-flatpickr is a lightweight Angular 2+ wrapper for flatpickr, which is usable in reactive forms inside Angular.

8. Small Clean Date Picker For Angular 2+

Small Clean Date Picker For Angular 2+

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An AngularJS component to create a small, pretty looking date picker for modern web app.

7. Angular Datepicker With Bootstrap Integration

Angular Datepicker With Bootstrap Integration

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An Angular Date picker with Bootstrap form integration that receives and returns Date (it can also parse ISO dates and UNIX timestamps).

6. AngularJS 2+ Date Time Picker

AngularJS 2 Date Time Picker

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A reusable AngularJS date time picker component that supports both Angular 2 and 4+.

5. Extended Datetime Picker For Angular Material

extended-datetimepicker Date Picker

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An Angular Material based, an Android style date-time picker, with the ability to disable set of continuous or non-continuous date sets.

4. Native Angular 2/4 Datetime Picker

Native Angular 2 4 Datetime Picker

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A Native Angular 2/4 date picker component that helps create a custom component selecting and showing dates selected by the user. Styled by Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.

3. Skimmed Datepicker Component For Angular

Skimmed Datepicker Component For Angular

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A fancy, simple, touch-enabled, blazing fast date picker component for Angular 4+.

2. Date Picker For Ionic 2/3

Date Picker For Ionic 2

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A configurable and selectable range dates calendar component for ionic 2/3.

1. Angular 2 Datetime Picker Component

Angular 2 Datetime Picker Component

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A Bootstrap styled date & time picker component for AngularJS 2+.

Angular Datepicker With Bootstrap Integration