10 Best Date Picker Libraries For Angular.js App (2020 Update)

A date picker allows the user to quickly select dates, times, and date ranges from a calendar.

It is one of the most commonly used components in modern app design.

Here is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free Date Picker components, directives and other related libraries for Angular.js powered apps. I hope you like it.

Originally Published Nov 26 2017, updated Feb 03 2020

1. Native Angular Datetime Picker With Bootstrap 4

Native Angular Datetime Picker With Bootstrap 4

Demo Download

A Native Angular (8+) Date & Time picker component based on the latest Twitter Bootstrap 4.

2. myDatepicker

Pretty Datepicker And Date Range Picker - myDatepicker

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myDatepicker is a highly configurable, multi-language date picker and date range picker for Angular app. Comes with inline and popup modes for your needs.

3. angular-moment-picker

Angular Moment Picker

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Angular Moment Picker is a native AngularJS module for date and time picker that uses Moment.js and does not require jQuery.

4. Pure Angular Date Range Picker

Date Range Picker for Angular and Bootstrap

Demo Download

An AngularJS date range picker directive that depends on Bootstrap Datepicker, Bootstrap, Moment.js, and jQuery.

5. Responsive Reusable Angular Date Picker

Responsive Reusable Angular 2 Date Picker

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A reusable, fully responsive date & time picker for Angular applications.

6. angular-datepicker


Demo Download

A multi-functional date/time/month picker for all your needs about date and time selection.

7. Material Datepicker With Range Selection – saturn-datepicker

Material Datepicker With Range Selection - saturn-datepicker

Demo Download

A pretty clean Material date picker with support for date range selection.

8. Angular 2 Date Range Picker – mydaterangepicker


Demo Download

mydaterangepicker is a reusable UI component for creating a date and or date range picker on the web app.

9. SM Date, Time and Range Picker For Angular

smDateTimeRangePicker Date Picker

Date Picker

Demo Download

Angular Material based Date Picker, DateTime Picker and Range Picker components for your web applications.

10. Angular 2+ Material Date Range Picker

Angular 2+ Material Date Range Picker

Demo Download

An Angular component that makes uses of moment.js to create a Material Design styled date range picker for your app.

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