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iOS Style Data Picker For Angular 4+

An iOS style data selector for AngularJS 4+ that makes it easier to select some data on the touchscreen device, such as time, city, gender, number, product, and much more.

Cross-Window/Tab Communication In angular – ngx-multi-window

Pull-based cross-window communication for multi-window angular applications. Features: Send messages between different tabs/windows that are running the angular app Message receive notification for sending tab/window Automatic detection/registration of new tabs/windows Installation: npm install ngx-multi-window –save Preview:

Angular 4 Knob Component

Angular 4 directive for Knob component using d3.js v4 without jQuery dependencies. Features: very easy to implement without jQuery dependencies powered by d3.js v4 configurable minimum, maximum values and step animated great ability to configure configurable scale touch, click and drag events implemented Installation: $ npm install angular2-knob –save Preview: