Angular file upload Components & Directives

Minimal File Select & Upload Component For Angular Material – mat-file-upload

A pretty clean and fully configurable file picker & uploader component built with Angular, Angular Material, and Material Icons. How to use it: 1. Install & download. # NPM $ npm install mat-file-upload –save @NgModule({ declarations: , imports: , providers: , bootstrap: , }) export class AppModule {} 2. Add the component to your template. <mat-file-upload OPTIONS HERE > </mat-file-upload> 3. Available options with default values. labelText: label text selectButtonText: text of select button uploadButtonText: text of upload button allowMultipleFiles: allows multi-file upload showUploadButton: whether or not to show the upload button customSvgIcon: custom SVG icon

Awesome Uploader For Angular

This is an Angular Library for uploading files. It supports: File Upload and Preview (additionally preview images with lightbox), validation, image cropper , drag and drop.

Angular 2+ File Uploader Module

Angular file uploader is an Angular 2/4/5 file uploader module with Real-Time Progress Bar and Angular Universal Compatibility.

Angular Material Data Transfer

angular-material-datatransfer is an application which combines the upload and download of multiple simultaneous files in a unified user interface.

Angular X File Upload Component

Angular ngx File Upload is a module for the @Angular framework. Supports drag-n-drop upload, upload progress, validation filters and a file upload queue.

Angular 2 File Upload Component

An Angular 2 File Upload Component that supports drag-n-drop upload, upload progress, validation filters and a file upload queue.

Angular Directive For Bootstrap File Field Enhancement

A pure angular (no jquery) file field that functions like the native file input field but is displayed as a bootstrap button (also works without bootstrap see “styling” below) instead of the ugly system file upload field.