AngularJS Directive For Enhanced Select Box with Typeahead

Author: indrimuska
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: August 27, 2015
License: MIT


Angular Selector is a native AngularJS directive that transform a simple <select> box into a full html select with typeahead.


  • No-jQuery Required
    Angular Selector is a full native Angular directive, so you can use it without have to include any other library (except AngularJS, of course!).
  • Skinnable
    You can define a template for the items in the dropdown list and a template for selected items.
  • RTL Support
    To use it in with any kind of text direction.
  • Remote Resource Loading
    Fetch your data from an external source and use it in your application.
  • From HTML <option> to JS object
    Fill your <select> from server-side ad use data-attributes for every option you have, then Angular Selector performs for you the conversion to a simple array of objects.
  • Keyboard support
    Move up and down the dropdown list using keyboard arrows. Select highlighted item pressing Enter.
  • Responsive
    Perfect for use in mobile environments.


Angular Selector

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