Customizable Pincode Input Component – angular-code-input

Author: AlexMiniApps
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: May 20, 2020
License: MIT


An easy and customizable pincode (one-time password) input component for Angular based web & mobile applications.


$ npm install angular-code-input --save

Basic usage:

Import the component.

import { CodeInputModule } from 'angular-code-input';
  imports: [

Add the component to the template.


All Default options:

// the number of codes
codeLength = 4;

// digits only or not
isNonDigitsCode = false;

// hides the code
isCodeHidden = false;

// moves the focus to the prev slot after clearing
isPrevFocusableAfterClearing = true;

// input type
inputType = 'tel';

// initial code
code?: string | number;


Customizable Pincode Input Component - angular-code-input

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