Generic Dashboard / Widgets Functionality With AngularJS

Author: DataTorrent
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: July 3, 2016
License: MIT


Generic AngularJS component/directive providing dashboard/widgets functionality.


  • Adding/removing widgets
  • Widgets are instantiated dynamically (from corresponding directive or template)
  • Widgets drag and drop (with jQuery UI Sortable)
  • Horizontal and vertical widgets resize
  • Fluid layout (widgets can have percentage-based width, or have width set in any other unit)
  • Any directive or template can be a widget
  • Connecting widgets to real-time data (WebSocket, REST, etc.)
  • Changing widget data source dynamically (from widget options)
  • Saving widgets state to local storage
  • Multiple Dashboard Layouts


Generic Dashboard Widgets Functionality With AngularJS

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