A Generic Table Component For Angular 2+

Author: hjalmers
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: March 31, 2017
License: MIT


A generic table for Angular 2+. Generic table uses standard markup for tables ie. table, tr and td elements etc. and has support for expanding rows, global search, filters, sorting, pagination, export to CSV, column clicks, custom column rendering, custom export values.


  • Uses standard HTML tables (no divs etc.)
  • Markup uses Twitter bootstrap class names
  • Client and server-side pagination, sorting and filtering
  • Lazy-loading of data from server
  • Expanding rows with custom component
  • Use custom functions for sorting, exporting and rendering of data
  • Configure table using json object (add columns etc.)
  • Toggle column visibility
  • Export to CSV


A Generic Table Component For Angular 2+

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