Gradient Progress Bar For Angular

Author: aditbharadwaj
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: August 25, 2020
License: MIT


An Angular module to render a linear or segmented gradient progress bar on the app.

Basic usage:

1. Install the package

$ npm i angular-gradient-progressbar --save

2. Import the progress bar module.

import { AngularGradientProgressbarModule } from "angular-gradient-progressbar";
  declarations: [ ... ],
  imports: [AngularGradientProgressbarModule ]
export class YourModule {}

3. Add the progress bar component to the page.

// segmented
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1"></angular-gradient-progressbar>
// linear
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="2"></angular-gradient-progressbar>

4. Customize the progress bar.

// 50%
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" [value] ="50"]> </angular-gradient-progressbar>

// custom colors
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" lowTextColor="red"> </angular-gradient-progressbar>
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" mediumTextColor="orange"> </angular-gradient-progressbar>
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" highTextColor="green"> </angular-gradient-progressbar>

// width =5
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" [progressBarWidth]="5"]> </angular-gradient-progressbar>

// number of bars
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" [barCount] ="5"]> </angular-gradient-progressbar>

// shows tooltip
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="1" [quartileValueLow]="4" [quartileValueHigh]="7"]> </angular-gradient-progressbar>

// second value
<angular-gradient-progressbar [type]="2" [secondValue]="75"]> </angular-gradient-progressbar>


Gradient Progress Bar For Angular

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