Lightweight Yet Powerful AngularJS Validation Directive – Angular Validator

Author: turinggroup
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Publish Date: January 6, 2015
License: MIT


Angular-Validator is an easy to use, powerful and lightweight AngularJS validation directive.


  • Validate using REGEX, required, or custom validation functions
  • Validates elements on submit with option to validate individual elements on blur or dirty as well.
  • Prevents submission if the form is invalid
  • Adds validation error/success messages as sibling elements
  • Adds .has-error classes to invalid elements
  • Adds .has-error classes to validation message
  • Supports multi-field dependent validation (one field depends on another such as password matching)
  • Works with or without novalidate
  • Works with Bootstrap out of the box (although Bootstrap is not required)


Angular Validator

Angular Validator

Angular Validator Password validation and password matching example

Password validation and password matching example

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