Reuseable Sidebar For AngularJS and Bootstrap – Angular Multi Sidebar

Author: snulvin
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: November 7, 2015
License: MIT


This is a minimalistic reusable responsive sidebar. Using a simple service that allows multiple transclusions in AngularJS, this sidebar brings some of the power of web components and Angular2 to AngularJS. Simply add the module to your project and use the directive in the container where you want the sidebar and put the content of the sidebar in a div with the attribute transclude-to=”menu” and the conent of the main body in a div with the attribute transclude-to=”body”. The directive can be used recursively within itself or multiple times in the same view. The directive hides the sidebar when the parent div becomes smaller than the min-width.


Angular Multi Sidebar Basic Example

Basic Example

Angular Multi Sidebar Responsive Example

Responsive Example

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