Simple Table Directive With Pagination and Sorting – SiTable

Author: simplicitylabs
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: May 24, 2015
License: MIT


SiTable is a small, simple, clean and non-intrusive table directive for Angular. It assumes the table data is shown using some ng-repeat directive, and does not use a scope-polluting “configuration object” to create its functionality, which includes:

  • Pagination: pagination of the table with an configurable number of items shown per page, and a configurable number of indices shown in the paginator.
  • Sorting: Table headers can be clickable to support sorting on some property of the repeated data.

The following functionality is easily obtained using clean and simple “Angular ways”:

  • Filtering: Use arbitrary Angular filters to filter your data.
  • Formatting: Add formatting to rows, cells or data through filters or other directives, just like you would without SiTable.
  • Remote data: Because SiTable does not use a configuration object or alter your scope, the data can be obtained from arbitrary sources and even updated at arbitrary times. This means fetching data from remote sources is super easy.



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