SlickGrid For Angular 4+

Author: ghiscoding
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: December 10, 2017
License: MIT


A JavaScript library to implement the SlickGrid based data grids and spreadsheets in your Angular 4+ app.


$ npm install angular-slickgrid --save


  • Easier use of SlickGrid within Angular as it is just a component (simply pass a column definitions and a dataset and you’re good to go)
  • Bootstrap Theme with SASS variables for extra customization (if you create a theme, then please make a PR)
  • Auto-resize (boolean flag), will resize the datagrid viewport with available space even on browser resize (basically takes available space of it’s container)
  • Inline Editors (number, float, text, longText, date, … you can also create your own custom ones)
  • Support all the SlickGrid Controls and Plugins
  • Row(s) Selection
  • Server side (backend) Services (filtering, sorting, pagination)



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