SVG and HTML Responsive Angular Tooltip Directive

Author: V-Squared
Official Page: Go to website
Publish Date: April 29, 2016
License: MIT


A SVG and HTML responsive Angular Tooltip Directive that supports: Touch Screen, Mouse Over, Links and HTML in Tooltip.

Key Features

  • Lightweight: Only 7 kB (not minimized) and minimum CPU load
  • Angular Directive: Reusable and easy to use.
  • SVG Support: Easy to add Tooltips to SVG due to minimal code.
  • HTML Support: Same Tooltip Plugin for SVG and HTML makes Tooltips consistent and easier to maintain.
  • Responsive: All works as expected on any screen size. Supporting all features it was not as easy as it might appear.
  • Touchscreen Support: All features work on touchscreen. Including link in Tooltip.
  • Intuitive to use: All features are intuitively accessible. No explanation / help needed.
  • Link in Tooltip: E.g. a “Read More” link for the reader who wants to know more than the Tooltip can offer.
  • Sanitized HTML in Tooltip: Links, Pictures, Styling. All supported in v2-Tooltip.
  • Easy styling of Tooltip: With its CSS.



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